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So, an other post on some other obscure web page talking about how bad social media is, right? Kinda, kinda not. Time to dig in.


Well, let's start with what's wrong about social media. Which by itself is... nothing. It's just a tool to get a news feed from various places coupled to an (usually personal) account to connect with other people. And for a short period of time it kinda was just that too. It even allowed you to express yourself digitally like MySpace allowing you to change your CSS. Then finance grasped it. Because to get profitable you need to sell something, and there's so much a free service can sell. Although it doesn't take a genius to see what's valuable on a platform which contains people's personal conversations, their relationships with other people, and even indirectly their desires through their searches. Which I believe marks the start of perhaps the biggest surveillance network(s) in history. Whatever Stasi knew, it has nothing on what Facebook knows or google knows.


second sin is simple. It's the commercialization of your leissure. Before you returned home and your work stopped. Now even if you return home you log into your favourite app, you give them data about you, you write posts or make images that produce them money. think how silly it is that in your laziness you still are actually a productive member of a company that doesn't even employ you.

emotional exhaustion

third sin coming here is the controversy. Which oh so many love. Have you noticed how your regular news from the television is 80% negative, or at least controversial? Why do you think that is? Is it because lot of terrible things happen in the world? They do, but also positive things happen. What makes the news negative is that hearing "a child was run over by a truck" gets more eyes to the screen than whatever nice things you could have said. Now think about what you see on social media. To get more clicks which means more money for them, social media is designed to show you content which it knows will enrage you. Which results in this tense world that's always on edge yet never really able to deal with anything. Since it's always distracted by whatever worrysome messages it will hear next. Even if frequently these messages don't even matter to me and you. For all the talks about terrorism, chances are you and me don't know anyone who died from a terrorist. You have lot of these digital ghosts that you probably forgot. I remember when a semi popular talking point was that Europe will become Muslim by 2020s. Does anyone still care? Or do you remember the feminist movement MeToo? If you do, do you think anyone will remember these things in 10, 20 years from now? And i'm not saying these people's feeling aren't valid. their grievances don't only exist because social media is in charge of a mass gasslighting. While you can worry a person with a good life a bit, you can't make them feel so bad they will march on the street about some issue. There are valid and real issues that these movements try to adress.What I'm saying is that that whatever valid frustrations exist, it is being maneuvered from actually making meaningful change to places where no coherent thought could be formed. I have to say though the ones who puzzle me the most is the ones that in a hazy way know all this, yet still fall into the trap. You know who I'm talking about. The people who shout unfavourably down the streets about the most recent craze on twitter, thinking they are above it all, yet doing everything that the program was designed to tell them to do. These posts you read aren't so bizzare because the world went mad, they are so bizzare so that you spread them too! I kinda find these people funny. It's like as if in the allegory of the cave one of the men realised that there's a whole different world behind them, yet they still choose to stay inside and complain about their situation. Here's a small test to see if you are on the right path. Do you actually know what is trending on twitter right now? If not, you are walking in the good direction.

My own sins

Although I'm in some ways too too trapped I guess. I have a private social media account that I use to look up dumb memes and talk with friends. I like to think that with the awarness about the situation and my rather lackluster presence there I don't buy that much into it. I mean, I think as an opposition to it, while not serious in any way and I won't even pretend it is, if a large part of the userbases of these apps began using them as little as I do, the app owners would panic a bit. They probably worry if the time spend on these apps decreases by 5%.

A way out?

Speaking off, as an out there solution to the ills of social media and modern net, I actually think you wouldn't need much. You would just need internet that is actually decentralized, which it is tech wise anyway already. Everyone can plug his machine to it and send me a personal page of his like I do here from the other side of the globe. You don't need to use google or facebook. But also have some universal communication method that isn't controlled by anyone and is easy and pleasant to use for everyone. So that we all can talk with each other without relying on the big tech services like whatsapp.