Enjoy your visit here!

My setup

While my setup is hardly fancy and kinda basic, it works for me which is what it should do

OS Laptop:Debian. Standard as it gets, but I barely had any issues with it for all the time I used it.

OS Desktop:Manjaro. Too lazy & dumb for Arch. Works like a charm

DE/WM:I use I3wm with xfce4 panel, might be a weird combo, but it's my favourite dekstop bar with pretty good pluguins. Mixing that with I3 workflow and keybindings is heaven for me.

Browser: Librewolf, which is basically firefox with it's spyware crap cut out. I can recommend without any hesitation if you want a modern browser that provides good privacy by default and isn't dependent on google.

TextEditor: Probably my biggest sin, but I use VScodium, which is VScode with crap cut off. I mean, ignoring electron it's a pretty good and easy to use editor.

Image manipulation: Krita is the stuff you want if you are more into drawing/painting than image manipulation, although it works for that too. The new brushes that ship with it are beautiful too if you want to go for the traditional look. Besides that I sometimes use gimp. Blender too, but that's an obvious choice

If you want to steal my wallpaper for my desktop or lockscreen...