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-> A bunch of links

Sat, 10 Jan 2022

I recently annoyed a stranger turned friend so much she gave me a bunch of cool links of cool sites she found on the internet. Thought someone who stumbles on this blog might enjoy them too so I'm sharing the link. A good chunk is art related, but there's something to be found for everyone there. Peace.

-> Gondola

Sat, 8 Jan 2022

drew a gondola and am proud of it. That's all.

-> RE [4]: Finally managed to get working on my game again

Fri, 7 Jan 2022

Playing around usually is the most fun part. Getting something finished is more or less always a grind, which gives you satisfaction in the end, but itself is kinda meh. My opinion on the engines is pretty much the same. I have a few recommendations though, if you have the time to try them out.


This has to be my favourite game framework of all time. Kinda shame I never managed to get it to run on newer java than the 8th version, even though they say it's possible, but if you do you are in for a treat. I love it because it's low level enough that you can basically do whatever you want with it, but it still has so many useful things in it so the development speed is pretty high. It's mostly known for android games, but there's one pc game called Delver made with it, which I actually never played but just adore how it looks.


This one is awesome too in how modular it is. You can pretty much use it to jump start your own engine off too if you so desire. It has support for VR stuff which kinda surprised me and is nice. And the library has perhaps the most to the point documentation I have ever seen.

As for Neo Geo games, there are quite a bit. Mostly fighting games. One I remember likeing are the SNK vs Capcom cames, The Last Blade, Metal Slugs (2 is my favorite so far I remember), Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2, Darkstalkers, but I don't remember which one though. I think the subtitled night wariors. Made me remember too that I should download sprite animations of Hsien-Ko and put it on my site. She was my favorite character.I still have a few but the list is getting ridiculously long. One semi obscure one I really liked but never got far into was The Three Wonders. It contained 3 smaller games in it. It had really good art too. I think that's mostly why I remembered it cause I mostly was frustrated as I kept dying when playing it.

-> RE [2]: Finally managed to get working on my game again

Thu, 6 Jan 2022

Hey! thanks for checking it out Yukinu. Yeah, Phaser is pretty comfy to use and I can see from the examples and documentation the project recieved it had lot of love put into it. Gives me lot of nostalgia too for the Neo Geo games I used to emulate way back. What kind of games did you make? Do you have any screenshots left of them or something playable?

Have a nice day futher!

-> Finally managed to get working on my game again

Tue, 4 Jan 2022

Not really much to write about, but I de-clunkied a lot of stuff that was there. It's still clunky, but I believe it's useable by humans now. Basically changed the background to a darker tone for clarity, removed lot of clutter from the page, made an instruction tab if you hover on it.

Game wise I fixed few bugs, added an health zapping mechanic, where you can steal health from other players provided you are good enough. Kinda proud of that too, since not only does it fix the problem my game had: it not really having any reason for competition, it also ended up being nicely integrated into existing code. I was afraid I would need to make a new loop for when the player tries to steal health, but I managed to make it part of the collision loop I already had. A bit of new spritework is in there too.

As a slight rant, I gotta love firefox for still having it's developer tools be in the desktop mode. Chrome on the other hand kinda assumes you will be making stuff for mobile. Although both dev tools are great, I like Chrome a bit better because it allows to debug nodeJS stuff since it's the same javascript engine. Firefox is still the king for me overal though (please harden it, or use librewolf and turn on back the things you need though).

-> NEW YEAR 2022

Sat, 1 Jan 2022

Alright... so it's the new year. 2021 was alright I guess. I mean, I got covid and other annoying shit happened, but I do feel I left it in a way better state of mind than I entered it. Plus I visited my grandma again. Last time was like 3 years ago or so.

2022 sets itself up good though. I made plans to make a shitpost rap album with my sister. I guess personal project wise, I'll tidy up my browser game to something playable. I like to make a small-ish trip soon too. There's some place I want to visit and maybe I'll manage to find a week of freedom to do it. That should fill up the upcoming 3 or so months. We'll see what I'll focus on then.

I guess that's it. Happy new year everyone!


Thu, 30 Dec 2021

I realized how important sensory "starvation" is to conentrate myself. Last few days I was barely able to think, I could pretty much only do things that I can do with my intuition alone and layed in bed for vast majority of the day, mostly scrolling rows of memes. Today though I decided I had to change that, so I set up for myself a place that would help me think. I've put on a synth radio in the background, opened a minmalistic note taking app on my laptop, and started thinking about the problems I exactly had to solve and how to potentially solve them. It's surprising how frictionless it went compared to the previous days where I felt as if some force was shutting down my ability to think. I was suddenly able to come up with an idea after an idea. Which actually makes me think how much social media dumbs people down. I've really had a piece of text stuck in my mind since I read it cause it explains so much of the modern world in my eyes, that is:

"One might imagine that leaving millions of well-educated young men and women without any real work responsibilities but with access to the internet—which is, potentially, at least, a repository of almost all human knowledge and cultural achievement—might spark some sort of Renaissance. Nothing remotely along these lines has taken place. Instead, the situation has sparked an efflorescence of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter): basically, of forms of electronic media that lend themselves to being produced and consumed while pretending to do something else.", written by the late David Graeber.

And I know. This sounds like an other "social media is bad", but from my personal experience, these social media feeds do mess you up. Instead of working on something I find important, my eyes snap to a picture of some pretty cosplayer. Which is fine. I don't think pretty cosplayers or any other thing that catch my attention should stop existing, but the world can be so much more than a digital skinner box. I remember times I used to browse the internet with excitement cause I might find a new flash game, a new animation parody, some obscure new site, essentially a completely new forms of culture to some extent. And that was just the beginning in my eyes. There's some truth to the idea that we should be living in some sort of Renaissance. In the end all that exciting chaos got taken away by few sites who try to appeal the lowest form of our minds in hopes of keeping us glued to the screen.

Essentially though, all I have to say is... get the discipline to leave things that get you addicted, know how to create a place for youself which lets you actually think and the profit motive and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race and attention span. At least so long you know how it tricks you, you can learn how to not let it trick you.

-> Made a deal with the mobile devil

Mon, 27 Dec 2021

So basically instead of sleeping I made my site responsive. Thank god it's Christmascause otherwise there's no way I could wake up with 2 hours of sleep.

-> I messed up!

Mon, 27 Dec 2021

Alright, so there was a small issue with my RSS before. It didn't show up the pubDate because I used a tool generate this document and the way it works is either a mystery to me, or it's kinda badly made. Shouldn't happen from now on.

-> First post

Sun, 26 Dec 2021

Here's my first RSS post, and I guess my first blog post too. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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